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Middle Beach Lodge Forest Trails

In order to provide opportunity for very simple yet safe moments in the retreat of our forests we have commenced (strictly by hand-cutting) a small trail system for you. The intent is for silent slow moments accepting the privilege that nature has bestowed upon us.

Please walk slowly, tread lightly and my sincere hope is that the sounds of the forest, the scent of the trees together with fresh clean air will ease your stress, relax your mind, and warm your heart to the great land we are so privileged to live upon.

What A Walk In The Forest Can Do For You

“I want to remind you that the forest is far more than a source of timber. It is our collective medicine cabinet. It is our lungs. It is the regulatory system for our climate and our oceans. It is the mantle of our planet. It is the health and well-being of our children and grandchildren. It is our sacred home. It is our salvation.

Trees offer us the solution to nearly every problem facing humanity today, from defending against drug resistance to halting global temperature rise, and they are eager to share those answers. They do so even when we can’t or won’t hear them. We once knew how to listen. It is a skill we must remember.” – Diana Beresford-Kroeger


The Trails

Muir Moments

The easiest walk of all – approximately 100m in length and a 3 minute walk, but please linger as long as you wish (green on map access point…).

Jason's Trail

A more difficult trail with some ups and downs around Big Tree impositions. Approximately 300m in length and a 10 minute walk minimum. Maximum elevation change -25m (blue on map access point…).

Yana's Trail

(unfinished a small bridge required) – Again, a little more difficult walk, similar to Jason’s trail and runs as an extension thereof.

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